Welcome to the World of The Shores of the Dead!

The world as it had been ended in less than a day. An ancient evil that had been relegated to the most ancient of myths and legends has returned. The dead rose to consume the flesh of the living and only the lucky and the strong were able to survive the initial onslaught. Three groups of survivors must come together and unite against an army of the dead lead by a dark priest and his human followers who are looking to find the key to opening the barriers between worlds and turn the Earth into a true realm of the dead.

Liam Harrison is a former Special Forces soldier and current spook for the NSA. As the dead rise he races to warn his estranged family and save as many people sheltered at Wright Patterson Air Force Base as he can before the dead breach the barriers and turn the temporary refuge into an abattoir.

Kyle Carson was one of the directionless slackers that seemed to typify the current generation of young adults. When the dead rose he found himself trapped at his place of employment with friends and enemies alike. Even if he and his best friend manage to escape the tightening noose of the dead surrounding the store they will still need to locate those they love and find some place, any place that is safe from the dead.

Dr. Lisa Sutton survived two tours in the sands of Afghanistan only to return to a position at the University of Michigan ER just in time for the dead to rise. As command and control breaks down it is up to the reserve Army Captain to take command of the situation and prepare the survivors at the school for a long trek to safety in the states upper peninsula.

Sherriff David Marshall is usually only concerned with keeping the peace in the small town of White Harbor Michigan. But when the dead rise and the town is cut off from the state and federal governments, if they even still exist, David and the council of the town are saddled with protecting the people of the county from the dead and the living.

18 responses to “Welcome to the World of The Shores of the Dead!

  • Susie

    Book are awesome need to get book one again but love them you rock

  • Jason Clark

    Can’t wait for book 3!!!

  • Jack Hagen

    Absolutely sweet man, amazing, will be a tv series one day

  • Steve Johnston


  • Susan P

    I can’t wait to get mine so I can get started reading them!

  • Michele

    When will Book 3 become available from Audible.com?

    • Josh Hilden

      I am looking at having it in production by the first week of July and available by the end of summer :D

      • Michele

        Awesome!! I will Mark my calendar to check back then. I just started the first book, but I am already roped into the story. I’m hoping there is a strong female in it because so many of them have us as whimpering girls who are only good for cooking and cleaning and need to be taken care of. Blah! One day, I hope to write my own series, unfortunately I just can’t find the time. How did you start?

      • Josh Hilden

        There are several strong female Characters in the series, I was raised by my maternal grandmother and she has been a huge influence on my character creation process. When it comes to the series I started with a series of short stories to develop my ideas, the core was the scene in the Toys R Us restroom (I won’t spoil in case you haven’t gotten there yet. :D

      • Michele Topor

        I look forward to my 4 1/2 hour drive to Indianapolis next weekend!!! In the meantime, I get to listen to 35 minutes each way to and from work! Do you mind if I ask questions or have comments while I listen to them? (I believe it will be a lot of flattery coming your way!) Also – have you ever been a Vendor or Exhibitor at a Comic Con? I was recently at the Detroit Con and there were a lot of creators with their comic books, but also those with books. Just a thought. Thank you & I look forward to my drive home! :-)

      • Josh Hilden

        I am more than happy to answer questions! I am making my convention debut at Gen Con in August and after that I am goign to try to hit as many of the Midwest cons as I can afford. And you are more than welcome! :D

      • Michele Topor

        I finished the first book as I pulled into the office this morning and I’ve been waiting all day to get back in the car and get the 2nd one started!! I live in Monroe and have a client in Ann Arbor, so I know the area well. It’s so fun to hear about these locations in the book. Today has been a bad day, so I am very thankful that I get to listen to something that will take my mind off of it! Loving it!!!

  • Adam B

    Love the series, great story telling. Will you be adding more books to the series in the near future?

    • Josh Hilden

      Thank you! Yes there are more books in the pipe. Right now I am publishing a series of short stories, BEFORE THE SHORES OF THE DEAD, detailing what happened before out characters were introduced and what is happening to them since the end of the first series. I will be collecting all six stories into a short collection at the end of the summer. I am in the first stages of prepping the second trilogy and hope to have the first one out by next summer.

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